Exhibitor/Volunteer Guidelines

(Please stay home if you are feeling ill!)


Masks must be worn upon entering the building and while remaining in the building.  Masks must be worn while running your dog, minimally covering your mouth, preferably fully over nose and mouth.  Only handlers entered in the event will be permitted on the agility fields.

There will be one ENTRANCE (Main Doors near desk) and one EXIT (near unloading door).

No Spectators will be allowed in the agility trial area.

Please do not potty dogs on landscaping or on the building.

Crating space is designated by running height, alternating 4” – 16” and 20” – 24”, as possible, and social distanced. Chairs are only allowed at your crating space.

Exhibitors must be either at their crating space, in the ring (or waiting on an “x”), or outside and shall maintain 6’ social distancing inside and outside the building. Please be respectful to your fellow exhibitors. There will be no viewing/seating/video area at ringside.

There will be no food or beverages for workers or exhibitors on site.  We apologize to our Workers, especially, that we are unable to have a Hospitality Room.

No MACH cakes or desserts!  No shared food areas.  Stay in your own space.

Wash hands as frequently as possible, use hand sanitizer appropriately.  Avoid shaking hands or hugging, and avoid touching and giving treats to dogs that are not your responsibility.

Parking areas – Please be respectful of people crating their dogs out of their car.  If you are running your car for the A/C, be sure your vehicle exhaust is not blowing into neighboring cars windows/doors.

Please bring your own water, several gallons if need be. Don’t forget Poop bags for your dogs.

Please bring your own pens for check in for your own personal use.

We encourage you to leave the building when you are done for the day.

Main doors to the restroom may remain open.

Paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.

This trial has many classes offered as filed with our original application, which will make for a potentially longer day.  All walk thrus will be sized as efficiently and social distanced as possible.

Measurements – ONLY VMO’S CAN MEASURE DOGS, IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO. No measurements will be done by the Judge of record.

Briefings – There will be no briefings for Excellent/Master classes.  Briefings for other classes will be held per Judges instructions.

Course Maps – Will be emailed to you by the Trial Secretary, available online and one will be posted for you in two locations to take a picture at the trial.  No paper course maps will be available.

Gate Boards – Please bring your own pen for check in.  Potential “conflicts” put a “C”.  We want you to run your dog so just keep the Gate Steward informed.

Walk thru – Please maintain social distancing and be sure to be wearing your mask. Maximum number of exhibitors will be 25 per group (per AKC guideline).

Leash Etiquette – Handlers may place their leash in their pocket or wear it around your neck or waist while running the course (per AKC). FYI – If the dog grabs the leash while running, you will be scored as an “E”. If you drop your leash at the start, the Leash Runner will use a “grabber” (which will be dipped in sanitizer between each dog).

Ring Gates – We will have ring gates. The Leash Runner will open/close the Entrance Gate and a Bar Setter will Open/Close the Exit Gate.

Gate Steward – There will be four “x” marked for waiting at the Ring Entrance.  Exhibitors should try to time leaving their crate space and arriving at the ring appropriately. Wait until the Gate Steward calls for you. Be Patient!

Please enter the ring when the next dog is leashed up.

PLEASE – No congregating of people or dogs at the entrance or exit gates.  When you are done, please move as quickly as possible back to your crating space or outside.

Results – Results will be posted as quickly as possible on a designated wall and via the secretary’s website.

Ribbons – No self-service. We will make every effort to have ribbons with stickers available as quickly as possible handed out by a volunteer. No ribbons will be mailed.

Please note, the Judges will be wearing masks the entire day; your cooperation and understanding are appreciated. Masks are mandatory while inside the building. There are no exceptions. Non-compliance will result in the forfeiture of your entry and excusal from the trial. In the event you forget your mask, you can purchase one at the entry door at The Max reception desk.

Trial Secretary Area/Judges Tables – Please refrain from entering this room, unless specifically requested/invited by the Trial Secretary or a Judge.  Please follow the 6’ social distance guides.



All Ring Volunteers must wear a mask while working in the ring.

Chairs -- It is recommended that Ring Crew use their own chairs; however, chairs will be available.  If using a ring chair, please wipe it down after completing your assignment.

Gate Steward – To be provided with a 6’ space and an easel and board; please bring your own marker. Markers will be available though, please ensure you sanitize them prior to using.

Timer and Scribe – Shall sit at opposite ends of 6’ table.  Timer will notify Exhibitor of when to “GO”.  Scribe will verify the order of the sheets from the Gate Board and that the timer display starts and will record the finish time on scribe sheet.  Only the Scribe shall handle the scribe sheet in the ring.

Leash Runner – Will operate the Entrance Gate, using either gloves or hand sanitizer.  For the leash, will use a “grabber” to move any leash left by the handler at the start line to the finish, dipping the tip of the “grabber” in sanitizer after each dog.

Bar Setter – Bar Setter closest to the ring exit gate, will open and close the gate after each exhibitor.  Use hand sanitizer, provided at your chair, after each bar set, or, use a disinfecting wipe to move the bar, or after operating the gate.  Gloves are also ok to use.

Sheet Runner – Use hand sanitizer before and after taking sheets to the appropriate “Scribe Sheet” basket or wear gloves.

Course Builders – Do not share course maps with others. Hand sanitizer will be available for use after course building.

There will be no Transcriber position.

Remember: If you use gloves for your worker assignment, they are for one use only.  Please dispose of them properly in a garbage can upon exiting the ring.