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Illiana Collie Fanciers Collie Specialty, February 27, 2016
Smack Dab's Agility Club, March 4-6, 2016
Collie Club of America Agility and Herding, March, 2016

New AKC Regular => Preferred crossover rules

Effective January 1, 2013, an exhibitor may show their dog in a preferred class that is equal to or less than where their dog is currently showing in the equivalent regular classes. As such, a MACH dog may initially enter Master Preferred level STD/JWW classes, skipping the lower Excellent, Open, and Novice preferred levels.

See the full description of the rules in this PDF document (revised version of November 16).

Trial Information

Information about past trials is available.

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Premiums for trials that Beth Elliott is secretary for are available on her web site.

Premiums for trials that Dave Behrens is secretary for are available on his web site.

Exhibitors please read

Effective January 1, 2010, exhibitors are no longer required to provide proof to Trial Secretaries that their dog has a valid jump height card as part of the check-in process. Furthermore, this change eliminates the need for a copy of the jump height card to be submitted with an entry form.

More details on the changes are available here.

Courses for...

Illiana Collie Fanciers February 27, 2016

AM show (Mrs. Joan E Kirkland regular classes, Jerry Sulewski Juniors)

PM show (Ms. Marianne Sullivan)

Two Specialty Shows (unbenched)
Fred Francis 4-H Field
Main Building
801 E. Francis Road
New Lenox, IL 60451
Show hours: 7:00am to 8:00pm
All judging will be indoors

Closing date Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

Smack-Dab's Agility Club of Warrenville March 4, 5, and 6, 2016

Car-Dun-Al Training Club
10783 Wolf Drive
Huntley, IL

Trial secretary: Robert Olson,
Opens 8am January 6, 2016
Random draw closes 6pm January 27, 2016
Random draw 6pm January 29, 2016
Trial closes 6pm February 19, 2016
$20 first run, $20 each additional run

If you are on the waitlist, the number listed in your confirmation email will match the number here. Think of this like the number you get in line at a deli - your number stays the same, but the "Next served" number advances as the people in front of you in line are served. The top number in the waiting list on the web page corresponds to the "Next served" number.

Collie Club of America 2016 National Specialty

Herding Trial March 20-21, 2016

High Reaches Farm
612 Fuqua Rd.
Rockfield, KY

Agility Trial March 22 and 23, 2016

Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center
937 Phillips Ln
Louisville, KY

Trial secretary: Robert Olson,
Opens 8am January 7, 2016. Entries unlimited.
Trial closes 6pm February 24, 2016
$30 first run, $15 second run, $10 third run
Classes offered: Standard, JWW, FAST (Tuesday), T2B (Wednesday)

Trophy sponsorships are still available. See the spreadsheet here.

Since I keep forgetting these, here are the AKC height divisions and the associated rules from the AKC agility regulations.

Section 3. Height Divisions, Measurement, Measuring Devices.

Dogs may only be entered in one jump height division per day for all classes. The following jump height divisions shall be used in all trial classes:
8 Inches:For dogs 11 inches and under at the withers.
12 Inches: For dogs 14 inches and under at the withers.
16 Inches: For dogs 18 inches and under at the withers.
20 Inches: For dogs 22 inches and under at the withers.
24 Inches: For dogs over 22 inches at the withers.
26 Inches: Dogs may be entered at this height at their owner's discretion.
Owners are responsible for entering the proper height divisions. Handlers may opt to enter in a higher height division for all Regular titling classes, but not division lower than their proper height division. If dog's height at the withers exceeds the maximum allowed for the jump height which the dog has entered, the dog shall be moved-up into the proper jump height the dog was measured prior to their run. In no case may a dog be moved down in height based on a judge's measurement at a trial. Dogs that run in a height division lower than their proper division will be eliminated. Judges reserve the right to measure any dog they believe might belong in a different division, and any dog whose entry in a given division might be questioned. Exception: Owners/Handlers that have in possession (on the show grounds) a permanent or valid temporary Jump Height Card for the dog in question, issued by the AKC Agility Dept., are exempt being measured and the judge shall accept the measurement that is listed on the Jump Height Card. All clubs are required to have an AKC approved official measuring device on site at the event. Only the approved measuring device shall be used to determine a dog's height for their Jump Height Card.